Promotion conversations might be one of the toughest challenges for managers and employees. They led to unnecessary disputes between teammates and managers and even conflicts.

There are two main reasons why promotion conversations become challenging:

Hold easy & effective software developer reviews with a ready-to-use skill matrix. List of reviewers, skills to review, action plan — find in our guide.

The most important asset for any tech company, whether a startup or a development agency, is their knowledge workers. This is especially true in the context of any digital transformation your company might be going through. …

We’ll make the process easier for you.

Lots of engineering managers experience difficulties when it comes to evaluating developer performance. The main questions are:

Before we turn to a review of the main metrics of calculating coder productivity…

If you’ve noticed that your team’s performance is slipping, deadlines are being missed and the end result of your software development efforts is sub-par — a software developer review is overdue! Read the article to find out other signs that indicate you should implement this practice RN.

Software engineer performance review is the most powerful and versatile tool you can use to assess the team’s progress, identify the weak spots, make sure the project is advancing according to the plan and that each employee is progressing on their professional journey.

In the context of digital transformation most…

The ultimate list of all the factors that influence developer productivity and recommendations on how an engineering manager can boost dev team performance.

What should a manager understand about the productivity of knowledge workers?

In the era of digital transformation, the approach to developer productivity measurement of employees should be reconsidered.

As long as we’re talking about traditional production processes…

Hi, everyone!

Today Vectorly ( launched on Product Hunt!
I’m so excited about what we are doing here, trying to find way to help companies boost employees personal growth and build more productive teams.

It was a tough 4 week sprint, when we delivered new feature Team Portrait & Team Skill Gap, made a ton of pictures and Alisa (@AlisaSmelkova) brought to life your favourite PH cat in a fresh new look.

I know it’s just the beginning of a journey, but it’s the journey we come along with you!

Please come and visit Vectorly today and give us some feedback:

Irina Seng

Co-founder & CEO Vectorly

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